Bulletin: We Need You This Tuesday Night

BULLETIN: We Need You This Tuesday Night

                     Lafayette City Commissions to Review
        “The Terraces”, a Massive 315 Apartment Development
                7:00 P.M. January 21, 2020 Conference Room,
                            next to  the Lafayette Library
            Come to the meeting this Tuesday, January 21st 
          Invite your Friends!    Stay informed!    Participate!
Learn about the  potential increased traffic impacts and health, wildfire and safety effects.
FACTS:  The proposed complex is at the corner of Pleasant Hill road and Deer Hill Road, adjacent to Highway 24 and diagonal from Acalanes High School. At this congested intersection this is what they want to build:
  • 14 apartment buildings consisting of 315 apartments
  • Leasing office and clubhouse
  • 550 parking spaces
  • Removal of 92 trees (60+ HERITAGE TREES ALREADY           REMOVED WITH CITY APPROVAL!)
  • 500,000 cubic yards of earth movement
  • A new state law limits the project review to a maximum of 5 public meetings over a max of 90 days.
Traffic Safety:  3000 more daily car trips
Construction:  80,000 dump truck trips over months of construction causing even more traffic backup

Firestorms:  Site is at the epicenter of the City designated Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone

Law:  Legality of the project between the City and the developer complex and unresolved
Dangerous Precedent: Which would potentially preclude lawsuits or
referendums against future massive developments anywhere in the city
Health:  Air quality impact on sensitive receptors, seniors and children
Overcrowding:  Significant impact on enrollment in Lafayette schools
Send an email to the city council before noon 1/21/20 expressing your position