What We Do

Save Lafayette is active in many areas and in recent years has:

  • Supported recent school bond measures,
  • Defended citizens’ right to vote in a referendum,
  • Acted to protect jobs and businesses in the downtown area,
  • Participated in live evacuation drills with 100+ first responders,
  • Endorsed Lafayette’s 2019 Strategic Plan’s emergency
    preparedness goals,
  • Helped publicize the need for social distancing and other safety
  • Encouraged residents to run for office and apply for the
    volunteer commissions that carry out important city functions.

Watchdog and Reasonable Oversight

  • We attend and speak at City Council and City Commission meetings.
  • We communicate directly with council members and city staff to
    sustain our quality of life.
  • We mount campaigns to preserve and enhance the unique character
    and charm of Lafayette.
  • We protect the semi-rural environment of hills and valleys.
  • We work hard to maintain welcoming small-town friendly
  • We are welcoming to all residents and support a vibrant, lively
    downtown with dynamic businesses and open public gathering places.
  • We Act to protect jobs and businesses in the downtown area.
  • We Endorse Lafayette’s 2019 Strategic Plan’s emergency
    preparedness goals.
  • We work with the City on the current Housing Element, RHNA
    allocation and the General Plan.
  • We maintain oversight and make suggestions to reduce traffic.
    congestion, improve emergency evacuation routes and maintain
    healthy air quality.
  • We value our distinguished schools and support their goals and

Research: Lafayette residents are very bright, educated, active citizens,
many of whom are professionals in their fields. That includes Save
Lafayette members. So, when we investigate an issue, we dig deep and find
the facts. Click Articles to read reports we have prepared and submitted on
key topics. You are warmly welcomed to bring your expertise to our team.
Please contact us anytime at: savelafayette94549@gmail.com