If you were a city council member, how would you spend $230,000?

Follow the Money: LPIE (Lafayette Partners in Education) placed a half-page ad in the Lamorinda Weekly May 29, thanking over 130 businesses, parents, community members and non-profit organizations for helping to “power” LPIE’s fundraising efforts. The same week the Lafayette City Council spent $230,000 on an art project – paid 100% by developer fees, according to the city, and based on a city art ordinance.

As far as we are aware, none of these funds can be used on higher priorities, identified by the majority of residents:

  • the enhancement of school programs
  • the reduction of traffic congestion
  • a larger contribution to fire and safety prevention programs
  • the creation of Lafayette-based jobs rather than yet more housing downtown.

Why not put developer fees into a general fund, so that resident priorities – including “green hills and great schools” – are properly addressed?

Parking Eliminated: The art project will eliminate 19 critical parking slots on the south side of the BART station.
Really, what are they thinking?

We all must stay informed, attend Council and Commission meetings, submit letters and emails in order to cause the Council to make fiscally responsible decisions.

CBS Local News covered the story, watch the video: