Rebuttal to misleading “Community Alert” from Yes on L campaign

“Yes on L” sent an email labeled a “Community Alert” to many Lafayette residents.  We have responded to their email because it contains many untrue statements.  The first of these comes right away, when they claim “The developer … got approval for 315 apartments.”  This is blatantly false as the project was never approved.  There are many other falsehoods and misleading statements in the email.

For a full analysis, click here.  Some of these questions are complex, but we’ve tried to make it as concise and readable as possible.

The Yes on L campaign is funded by the developer and unfortunately supported by many on the City Council as well, when they should be staying neutral on this matter and letting the voters decide.  In contrast, we are a citizen’s group that relies entirely on donations to keep going.  Everyone who is working for or with Save Lafayette does so on a volunteer basis because we love and care about this city.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  Thanks,

Save Lafayette