Help Us Save Lafayette

Lafayette has been adding housing at a break neck pace for the last few years. Condos, townhouses, senior housing, and apartments have been raised faster than any time in decades. The city’s road, school and public transportation capacities are already strained by the building that’s been completed. The additional housing currently under construction will further overwhelm those capacities.

Lafayette’s semi-rural character is suffering from these developments; it’s time to slow it down to allow the traffic patterns, schools, and public transit agencies an opportunity to adapt to these new demands.

One thought on “Help Us Save Lafayette

  1. It’s very interesting to think that without growth, our house wouldn’t have been built. Then later to understand that we need to make our city beautiful that we can enjoy the place we live… With the beautification process comes new development, as the space we have created is appealing to more inhabitants. We are in a catch-22, we need more people to pay for the bigger schools, roads, etc. or we raise the prices of the land to shut the development out. We need the development to keep surviving without raising taxes. I guess that’s another option. Either way, I enjoy a growing city. I’ll have to agree that growth at the optimum pace is the most balancing.

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