Your Signature Counted!

Over 10% of Lafayette’s voter signed our petition within the 30 day period required by law to challenge a legislative action. This is a major achievement that sends a loud message to the City that the citizens would want to hit the “pause” button on rapid growth. While this milestone is significant, there are many hurdles to overcome.

The City will now need to either reverse its approval of “The Homes at Deer Hill” project, or put the project to a simple “yes or no” referendum decision of Lafayette voters, most likely in March 2016.

While Save Lafayette is moving forward on the voter ballot, we will continue to negotiate with the representatives of the developer and the property owner in an effort to to protect all interests and to see how we can retain maximum open space with minimum traffic impacts. These efforts take time and money, more so now as we are entering a much more detailed phase than that of the petition.

As a non-profit organization of volunteer Lafayette residents with significant legal and operating expenses, Save Lafayette is asking for your financial support to sustain this campaign on your behalf. Please click on the “Donate” button on the right side of this page. If you would like to consider a major donation to truly preserve open space, please contact Mike Griffiths – your pledge could be the one that makes that difference!

There are lot of development projects already in progress in Lafayette. We want to get a less impactful outcome at the Deer Hill Road site and work with the city to assure that going forward, development will be in balance with the City’s infrastructure capacity.